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Emergency Alerts

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Emergency Alerts

How many times have you had this phone or text conversation with your loved ones ... "Are you Ok? Where are you?"

As a parent its a very nervous feeling not knowing the exact location your loved ones. In this day and age its essential that you know the exact GPS location so that you can be there.

Emergency Alerts is an App that sends a GPS location of your loved ones BOTH as a text message and email to pre programmed contacts alerting them that they need assistance.

This App is suited for everyone especially for kids & parents

* Super simple, so easy even a kid can use it
* Send both an email and an instant text message to all of your emergency contacts phone numbers all at once with one push of a button
* Email & text contains google maps link to exact 5m of your location
* It also contains a screenshot of your present location
* Create unlimited emergency contacts
* Hear police sirens and see flashing light blink your iPhone to deter anyone when you feel threatened.
* Extremely simple and easy to use.

There are no ads of any kind

What are you waiting for? Download now!
Saliha Bhutta