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Nightstand Alarm Clock With Natural Pics & Sounds

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Nightstand Alarm Clock With Natural Pics & Sounds

This is the most beautiful, peaceful, relaxing nightstand clock app. Put it on and relax your mind. (IAP required to unlock items)

• The clock can be set both in landscape and portrait modes
• Listen to beautiful nature chimes as soon as the app is launched! Turn it on/off by clicking on the butterfly icon. Nature chimes include
- Birds Chirping
- Waterfall
- Ocean Waves
- Wind Chimes
- Christian Monks

• 320+ retina enabled (max resolution) amazing scenic pictures. (IAP)
• If you like you can select all scenic pictures OR just the ones you like OR just one picture to be your clock background. (IAP)
• Check 100% accurate 4 day local weather forecast (IAP)
• Can choose between Fahrenheit or Celsius modes.
• You can choose from 52+ alarm ringers. (IAP)
• Alarm goes off even if app is not running or iPAD is turned off.
(IAP required to unlock items)

NOTE: When app is off or in the background we run the default alarm sound. If you keep the app running then you will hear the alarm sound that you selected

• Select multiple pre-loaded scenic picture or choose your own from your photo album. All pictures do a beautiful slide show in the background. (IAP)
NOTE: If you don't want the pictures to do a slide show then just select one.

• Great to use as a moving picture frame during parties or when guests are over.
• Select your own music and just get mesmerized by pictures sliding by.

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Saliha Bhutta