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Lokate 3 is a purpose-driven application designed to streamline GPS track recording for SAR (Search & Rescue) missions specifically for canine handlers and their canine. Lokate provides canine team specific functions no other app does and functions seamlessly alongside 3rd party GPS tracking software like CalTopo, allowing you to focus solely on your assigned tasks. Lokate 3 is especially valuable for documenting the tracks of you and your K9 partner during missions or training sessions.

During missions, quick access to critical information is paramount. To facilitate this, Lokate offers a Heads-Up Display (HUD) that hovers above the map, providing immediate access to seven essential parameters. These parameters can be tailored to display crucial details, including your current position, travel speed, travel heading, altitude, distance and heading to the assignment area, distance traveled, and time spent on the mission assignment.

Imported data such as Area, Path and Marker information can be shown as overlays and your assigned Area clearly marked and tracked with positional data giving you positional awareness in the overall mission plan.

- Map navigation styles: fixed, North-up, heading up
- Map styles: street, satellite.
- Map Item overlays including Area, Path, Markers.
- Map features HUD (heads up display) area showing pertinent location and mission information
- Record handler’s position with configurable accuracy.
- Record found clues; position marked, text or images may be recorded with clue.
- Images are kept in secure storage with Lokate and meta data includes position and heading when taken.
- “Active Area” tracks your position and distance to or within assignment area.
- Import GPX, geoJSON data from 3rd party applications.
- Create handler or canine track from imported data.
- Create training logs using configurable templates
- Share log templates
- Export track data to geoJSON for import in 3rd party applications.
- Export log data to CSV for import in spreadsheets
- Support of Apple Watch; shows your Active Area position, take a marker position.
- Night vision “red filter” support.
- Adaptive scalable parameters show values with relevant precision.
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