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Inhaler Counter App

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Inhaler Counter App

Keep track of how many doses you have left in your inhaler. This app will allow you to keep track of how many doses you have left in your inhaler! All you have to do is to click to say you have taken an dose. If you accidentally press too many times use the add button to put this doses back on to your dose count.

Never have to guess at how many doses are left in your inhaler again.


- You will get a notification when you need to replace your inhaler to remind you to order a new one.
- If you use your inhaler 10 times in 10 minutes it will also prompt you to call the emergency services, as this most likely means you need medical attention.

Use the Apple Watch app to quickly tap to say you have taken your inhaler without even getting your phone out of your pocket. Your Apple Watch will automatically sync with your phone and your dose count will be ready for you on your phone when you need it.
Jules Gribble