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EasyMetro Italy

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EasyMetro Italy

Yellow metro in Milan, Metro B in Rome, Line 3 in Naples; a bit confusing, isn't it? With EasyMetro you can move with ease in Milan, Rome and Naples using its metro lines.
Whether you are a tourist, commuter, or you live in Milan, Rome or Naples, this app is still great for you!

EasyMetro, easy to use, offers the following functions:

- ACCURATE MAP of all the subway stations (ATAC Rome, ATM Milan and ANM Naples). Each station is shown as a placeholder that shows the name and the metro line. The map is also available in SATELLITE mode.

- DIRECTIONS: Tap a metro station on the main page to instantly obtain their directions. You can use the built-in navigator.

- STREET VIEW: With EasyMetro, thanks to Google Street View, you can now explore every station or place with very detailed 360° photos!

- NEARBY PLACES: Find easily hotels, restaurants, museums and much more in the vicinity of a specific metro station. For example, do you want a hotel near the Colosseum, Duomo of Milan or Castel dell'Ovo? No problem: you can easily get all the directions.

- EASY SEARCH: Search addresses, streets, and squares, then find the nearest metro station.

- FAVORITE STATIONS: Create a list with your favorite stations and find them easily tapping the side panel menu without searching them in the map.

- BIKE SHARING: Take advantage of BIKEMI the Bike Sharing services in Milan! Select, from the application menu, the "Bike" option to see the Bike Sharing stations nearest to you, the number of available bikes and the directions.

- LOCATION: We don't want that you lose your way! The GPS will always return you on your way.

- OFFLINE: If you don't have an internet connection, you can use the offline map (available in Milan, Rome and Naples)!
Matteo Ciannavei