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Membership widget

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Membership widget

You can easly and quickly discount or save point when you purchase any goods by The membership widget management as a group, such as membership cards, earn card, coupons.

In this situation you need it!
- if you need More than one carddiscounts, Earn) at a convenience store
- (Wi-Fi /LTE) speed is slow so can't show the points card in smart phone. Did you said "Wait" in front of the casher? Membership widgets do not network communications.

- To find a point card that can be installed on my phone If you're looking for a lot App, Membership widget can be accessed quickly by providing'm iOS widget (Today Extension) feature.

- Coupon Management (I did try to use the coupons expire been deleted knew or used.)
ex> When the registration is valid for a coupon before the expiration date set tells a push.
Please check that you have used coupons are already used ^. ~

* iOS 10 App Widget compact mode support
If iOS 10 Widget compact mode App is running to move to the item
( Widget compact mode will not be changed widget size, more widgets using the widget Barcode available )

* Key Features
1. Widget Barcode
2. Apple Watch support ( Complication support )
3. Coupon Registration / Management
4. Push Notification when reaching the effective date
5. Provide multiple affiliate card, the coupon bar codes on one screen
6. Discounts and earn combinations recommended by Store
7. Managing disposal: Groups, cards, coupons, offers direct enrollment
8. Custom ( group card) registration Support
9. Backup and recovery support
10. Card support in 42 countries ( 3,000 cards )

Other errors and improvement proposals will thank you , official site or [email protected]
jaejin lee