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BeatTune was designed to be your personal heart rate assistant, it allows you to view and understand easily your heart rate while keeping you notified about any irregularities found.

Depending on the physical activity you are doing the heart rate works different. BeatTune includes three modes: Resting, Moderate and Intense to reflect that.

Using the steps count in your Health Data Store the app automatically detects where are you regarding the three modes: Resting, Moderate and Intense. Then it send you notifications every time an irregularity is detected in your heart rate for inferred physical activity level.

Note: Due to your iPhone’s Health Store being encrypted, notifications can only be delivered when your iPhone is unlocked. This will happen in the background whenever you are using your iPhone in an unlocked state for any purpose, so in practice, you will be alerted as long as you regularly use your iPhone.

You can see a summary of all the irregularities automatically detected by the application from the last 15th days in a elegant panel organized by lows and highs in your iPhone. This is an useful tool to keep organized your heart rate readings irregularities by physical activities.

This app requires the Health App installed. Heart readings are read from the Health Data Store which is populated by your Apple Watch, nevertheless you can also import heart rate readings from other sources and devices.

If you experience problems with the app visit the section of FAQ on our website ( or contact us by means of:

Although the application is accurate when used properly, it is not the purpose of BeatTune to diagnose or treat any condition, or to be a substitute for professional medical attention. The measurements and scales used have only the purpose of informing and educating, if you have any doubt you should seek professional medical care.
Pavel Ernesto Prendes Hidalgo