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Are you feeling a lot more stressed lately? Do you tend to be lost in time and forget things that are important? If your answer is yes, there are chances that your mind needs relaxation. AirMood is an easy to use and minimalistic app to guide you through deep breathing exercise. Our app helps you to utilise the natural principle of deep breathing to alleviate your mood, improve mindfulness and help you become your best self in a short duration with minimal effort. All you have to do is become aware of your breathing routine and the rest of the benefits will just follow! Take a step to look after your mental health today.
Try Airmood: Guided Deep Breathing now!

Deep Breathing To Make You Feel Relaxed

Deep breathing or belly breathing is natural and relaxing breathing technique that can help you become more present and relaxed. Multiple scientific studies have validated the effectiveness of deep breathing and belly breathing exercises to make you feel calmer and more relaxed throughout your routine. Instead of falling a prey to the pressing routine of life, you must sit back and breathe to relax today.

Get Belly Breathing and Deep Breathing Benefits

Belly breathing, abdominal breathing or deep breathing is natural and relaxed form of breathing that is done by contracting the diaphragm where air enters the lungs and the belly expands during this type of breathing. Deep breathing occurs naturally when there is no present danger in the environment. This app guides you through your configured natural breathing techniques to shift your mood, make you more aware of your surroundings and simply help you feel happy, relaxed and alive!

Identify And Combat Anxiety Instigators With Breathing

Whenever you are stressed or not feeling safe, your body tends to switch to chest breathing or lower the oxygen intake. Consciously breathing deeply for few minutes signalise your body, that it is not in danger and can switch back to relaxed state.

Easy Customisations and More Cool Features

The number one requirement of any relaxation app is to be minimal, clutter-free and interruption-free. AirMood is designed on the principle of minimalism, so you can reduce mental clutter and feel free to switch from one breathing mode to the next one without much effort. Other cool features of this app include advanced configuration, professional voice-overs, app appearance customisations, Health App integration, Watch App and sync between devices.

Features of Airmood: Guided Deep Breathing:

- Simple and minimalistic design to help you focus
- Advanced configuration, where you can configure colours, inhale, exhale and exercise durations
- Multiple presets
- Professional voice-overs
- Smooth integration with Health app, so you can see your breathing exercises as your minutes of mindfulness and measure your progress

Download and use Airmood: Guided Deep Breathing today!

If you have questions, feedback or having issues with the app, you can use built-in feature to contact us or you can write an email to [email protected]

We hope, that this small deep breathing exercises app will make your life better!