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iPhone Killer : The Secret History of Apple Watch

iPhone Killer : The Secret History of Apple Watch

April 2, 2015

David Pierce, Wired:

Along the way, the Apple team landed upon the Watch’s raison d’être. It came down to this: Your phone is ruining your life. Like the rest of us, Ive, Lynch, Dye, and everyone at Apple are subject to the tyranny of the buzz—the constant checking, the long list of nagging notifications. “We’re so connected, kind of ever-presently, with technology now,” Lynch says. “People are carrying their phones with them and looking at the screen so much.” They’ve glared down their noses at those who bury themselves in their phones at the dinner table and then absentmindedly thrust hands into their own pockets at every ding or buzz. “People want that level of engagement,” Lynch says. “But how do we provide it in a way that’s a little more human, a little more in the moment when you’re with somebody?”

This is by far the best piece I’ve read on Apple Watch. There are tons of little tidbits and the artwork created for this piece is absolutely incredible.

I’ve had some private debates with folks on whether the Apple Watch is iPod 2.0 or iPhone 2.0. I still tend to believe it’s more of an iPod than an iPhone replacement. But the fact that Apple is already thinking this is telling. And the fact that Apple seems to care about how much our smartphones are distracting is also interesting.

The biggest argument I keep hearing is that “my phone can do that”, which is true. But as I’ve said before, we love removing friction. We love it so much that we buy devices to help us accomplish that task. The Apple Watch is no exception.