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$10,000 Edition Is Cheapest Apple Watch

$10,000 Edition Is Cheapest Apple Watch

March 30, 2015

Larry Dignan, ZDNet:

Here’s the hurdle: The Apple Watch is a 1.0 product. Apple will sell a bunch of these watches. Buying a product that you know will only get better a few generations from now is ok for $350 to $500. Spending $10,000 on an Apple Watch that will be way outdated in a year or two doesn’t make sense to me.

Look: The simple fact is that, for the dramatic majority of people in the market for Apple Watch Sport, these models — at a price of “$350 to $500″ — represent much larger chunks of their buyers’ overall wealth than the $10,000 Edition does for most of whoever’s lined up to buy those.

How “expensive” something might be is entirely subjective to the purchaser. If someone has a million dollars in the bank, Apple Watch Edition represents just one percent of their overall savings. If you have less than $35,000 in your account, Apple Watch Sport actually costs more — for you — than Edition costs for that wealthier customer. And not a lot of middle class people have that amount of cash on hand.

I used to think it was irresponsible and stupid for someone to want to buy Apple Watch Edition. But it turns out that I’m even more irresponsible and stupid for wanting to buy Apple Watch Sport.