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Cadence on Apple Watch Improves Your Public Speaking

Cadence on Apple Watch Improves Your Public Speaking

August 31, 2017

Quite a few people are anxious about public speaking, and just about everyone could be better at it. If you want to learn the secret that top speakers throughout the world use to influence people, spread their knowledge, and grow their careers, Cadence is the app for you. With Cadence on Apple Watch, you can train yourself to become a stronger, more authoritative public speaker.

Public Speaking 101

There’s a proven, simple method that will help your public speaking. It will take you from an anxious, “ho hum” speaker to someone who is confident, authoritative, and has a real presence on stage, in the board room, or in class. It all has to do with your cadence, with how slowly or quickly you speak.

Cadence, the app for iPhone and Apple Watch, was developed by a self-avowed introvert. Since developing this app, he has presented at some of the top developer events throughout the world. He built the app as a virtual coach and stage partner. It’s helped manage his anxiety and develop his speaking skills to become a top-notch presenter.

How Cadence Helps Your Speech

Cadence acts as both a timer and a haptic metronome, helping you to maintain a steady pace of speech while also reminding you when it’s time to wrap up. On both your iPhone and your Apple Watch, you can get a TED-style, low anxiety countdown clock to help you pace yourself and keep your speech to a time limit.

The haptic metronome trains you to speak at a rate that conveys authority, neither too slow nor too fast. The rhythmic tapping on your wrist can also be soothing, reminding you that you aren’t all alone up on the stage or in front of the board. You’ve got Cadence at your back.

Getting Cadence for Apple Watch

Cadence is a paid purchase on the App Store. It requires iOS 10.3 or later, and is compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. And, of course, the Apple Watch.