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Productivity and Time Tracking on Apple Watch With atWork

Productivity and Time Tracking on Apple Watch With atWork

August 22, 2017

There are quite a few apps that can help you track your working hours, overtime, and earnings. I’ve only found one app that takes things to the next level, though. With atWork, you can access a customized timesheet to cover all of your time-tracking needs. Even better, you can handle all of your time tracking on Apple Watch.

Track Your Time on Apple Watch

With atWork, you don’t have to pull out your iPhone every time you want to start tracking a new project. You’re able to start and stop timers, edit current entries, and even make notes right from your wrist. The app synchronizes all of the data to your iPhone, allowing you easy access to your time tracking records.

This app is great for freelancers. Heck, it’s suitable for anybody else who has a lot of time-related balls in the air at one time, too. With atWork, you’re able to get very precise and granular about how you spend your time. The app even shows you financial amounts related to that time. You can easily keep tabs on what projects are the least and most productive for you, both in terms of time spent and profit earned.

Features Galore for Time Tracking

Not only is the app easy to use, both on your iPhone and your Apple Watch, but it’s feature-rich. You can quickly start and stop the timer, log your hours worked later if you forget, and watch the timesheet calculator determine your earnings and overtime automatically. It tracks your average earnings per hour, which might be depressing for some but it’s still valuable information. What’s really cool is that atWork makes use of the voice dictation features of your Apple Watch. You can edit or enter new data without any typing.

time tracking with atWork on Apple Watch

Even better, the iPhone app includes an option to export your entries. You can send your data to a timesheet readable by Excel, Numbers, or a PDF. This is an amazing way to keep tabs on how you spend your work hours, even without the data export feature. You can see everything in fine detail right on your Apple Watch, a convenient way to maintain motivation and productivity.

How to Get Started With atWork

You can download atWork for free on the App Store. You’ll get much of the app’s functionality for free. There are some in-app purchases, thought. These can unlock all of the features or some of the more specific functionalities you might need for time tracking.