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Track Your Day With Life Cycle for Better Productivity

Track Your Day With Life Cycle for Better Productivity

August 18, 2017

When it comes to being more productive, few of us really know how we spend all of our time each day. After all, most of us are so busy actually living our lives that we don’t have the time or the wherewithal to accurately track it. Life Cycle does that for you, presenting your life sorted into slices on a donut. You’ll even be able to track your day on your Apple Watch.

Setting Up Life Cycle Takes Time

When you first run Life Cycle, it won’t be able to do much for you at first. That’s because the app spends two days gathering information, tracking your day life in the background to get a handle on your routine. After those 48 hours are up, the app will provide you with what it knows so far.

This is the time when Life Cycle starts working on your Apple Watch, too. You can view your donut as a whole, or get a quick look at a textual breakdown of your day. The app becomes even more useful the longer you use it, allowing you to view your life day by day, week by week, month by month, and year by year.

How Does Life Cycle Track Your Day?

Life Cycle works in the background, recording and sorting what you do as you go about your daily business. Part of this involve relying on cell tower and Wi-Fi locations to track your movements. This is far better than continual use of GPS, which can severely reduce your battery life.

The app also integrates with Apple Health, to import your steps and sleep analysis data. This way, it can provide you with a holistic view of your day. It doesn’t just show where you went and how much time you spent there, but also how well you sleep and how much you walk.

Integration with Sleep Cycle

If you want truly accurate details, even while you’re asleep, integrate the app with Sleep Cycle alarm clock through the premium subscription. This can help you determine how your daily habits affect your sleep quality score, which results in changes to your productivity.

Other premium features allow you to see detailed graphs of your day for deeper analysis of what you’re doing with your time. The app is definitely an eye opener, and being able to quickly check your stats from your Apple Watch is a useful tool. Life Cycle is a free download on the App Store, with a subscription purchase for the premium membership.