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Living Better Is Fun With Streaks on Your Apple Watch

Living Better Is Fun With Streaks on Your Apple Watch

July 26, 2017

Developing healthy habits isn’t easy, but it can be fun if you make a game out of it. Streaks is an app that you use on your iPhone and Apple Watch to challenge yourself. You live better by going on streaks of healthy habits. Let’s check out how the app works, and how it uses your Apple Watch to spur you towards living better.

Living Better With Streaks

You can track up to 12 different habits in version 3, giving you plenty of room to set up as many games for yourself as you want to. The goal in Streaks is to go on just that – streaks of living better. For some habits, you’ll have to tell the app you’ve done them. Just open the app on your Watch, or tap the complication, and you’ll see a list of your streaks. Tap the one you’ve done, and your streak is extended.

living better with streaks

Tap and hold, and Streaks marks your task as completed

You’ll get reminders throughout the day, and can now set as many of those as you need. Automatic reminders will adjust themselves to keep you on track. If you’re going on a vacation and want to pause your streak, you can – so you can reward yourself with some splurging or binging, but not lose your streak.

How Streaks Uses Your Watch

The app needs access to your Apple Health data to do this, but most of the healthiest habits you can track are fitness tasks. Use Streaks to keep track of how much you’ve run today, and how many miles you still need to cover to maintain your streak. Or, just track the number of steps you’ve taken. There’s a wide variety of different health-related activities to choose from.

Once you’ve given it access to Apple Health, Streaks can track your workouts, steps, heart rate, and other information delivered from your Apple Watch. The app also runs on your wrist, allowing you to easily access and check on your streaks. You’re also able to mark when you’ve completed a streak for the day, so you don’t have to pull out your watch.

living better with streaks

If you ever miss a task, it’s not the end of the world. It is, however, the end of your streak. You’ll have to start over, and prompt yourself to do even better next time. If you know you’re going to miss out on a streak, just pause it and you can pick it back up again later.

New in Version 3: Negative Behavior Streaks

If there’s a habit you want to break, Streaks can help you with that. New to this version are negative streaks. They start out as completed tasks, but if you happen to stray, you mark them as such. On your Watch, the app makes a sad sound and then puts an X through the icon for that streak.

living better with streaks

Streaks is sad when you do something you were trying to quit, but there’s always tomorrow

This might be a good way to make a game out of kicking a habit like smoking or eating sweets. Truly, the possibilities are endless with Streaks. What’s really cool is that once you set up your tasks on your iPhone, you never need to pull it out again. Everything you need to do in Streaks to show that you’ve been working on your new habits is right on your wrist.

Getting Started With Streaks

You can download Streaks on the App Store as a paid app. Then, install it to your Apple Watch and you’re ready for it to track your movements and help you go on streaks of living better.