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Grocery is a Great Grocery Shopping App for Apple Watch

Grocery is a Great Grocery Shopping App for Apple Watch

May 18, 2017

Grocery, also known as Grocery – Smart Sorting Grocery List, has all the features you might want in a shopping list app for the Apple Watch. You don’t need an Apple Watch to use the app, but since this is WatchAware, I’ll focus primarily on the Apple Watch experience.

Grocery has a simple complication for the Apple Watch that does not change, it’s just a shortcut to the app. You could also keep it in you Dock if you prefer. Once you open the app, you can add items to your list two different ways. You can Force Touch within the app to bring up a menu with two options: Add and Undo. Tap Add to add items to your list; or tap Undo to undo your previous action. Additionally, Grocery syncs with the native Reminders app, so you can use Siri to quickly add items to your list.

As you shop, you cross an item off of your list by tapping it. If you’ve accidentally tapped an item you didn’t mean to, you can undo the action with a Force Touch and tap Undo. Grocery has a smart sorting feature: if you shop in the same store and hit the aisles in the same order from trip to trip, the app will learn your shopping patterns over time. When you put a list together, the app will automatically put your list in the order in which you’ll find them in the store. Your lists can be shared with other household members via iCloud. Grocery When you use this app on your iPhone, it’s not a substantially different experience. You can type out your grocery items, which of course you can’t do on the Apple Watch. There are ads on the iPhone, but not the Apple Watch. Everything you do on one device is quickly synced to the other.

Grocery is free to download on the App Store. The ads within the iPhone app can be removed for $1.99.