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Night Sky 4 Lets You Gaze at the Stars From Your Wrist

Night Sky 4 Lets You Gaze at the Stars From Your Wrist

April 3, 2017

Stargazing app Night Sky 4 is one of those apps that lets you show off just how cool your Apple Watch can be. And it’s free today.

Night Sky 4 has a complication that tells you when the next ISS (International Space Station) pass will be over your part of the world. I can’t test this feature myself, as there are no upcoming visible passes in my part of the world. You can still use the complication as a shortcut to open the app, or open it from your Dock.

Once you open the app, you’ll see the instructions: “Align your Watch with the Moon and tap it.” Do that and you’ll see all of the constellations, satellites, planets, and stars around you. There is also a button you can tap that says, “Can’t see the Moon?” If you tap that one, then you’ll be taken to the compass so you can get oriented. Move around to gaze upon all of the surrounding celestial bodies. Turn the digital crown to “space travel” forwards and backwards in time. Tap on any celestial object’s name for more information about it, including its Symbolism, Stars with Planets, Visibility, Area, Spectral Type, Distance, Main Stars, Brightest Star, Mass, Radius, Luminosity, Temperature, Age and more.

A force press gives you the option to disable tracking or calibrate the app. Lower your wrist to activate a celestial compass which gives you an overview of the stars and planets around you.

night sky

There are more features to explore in Night Sky 4 on the iPhone, and even more with a paid premium subscription. Still, you’ll find much to enjoy for free on your Apple Watch. This is a great app to pull out when someone points to your Apple Watch and asks, “What does that Apple Watch do? Anything cool?” You might as well grab Night Sky 4 while it’s free on the App Store.