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19 New Apple Watch Bands for Spring Have Arrived

19 New Apple Watch Bands for Spring Have Arrived

March 21, 2017

Apple quietly updated its website overnight with a number of new offerings for spring. New Apple Watch bands in beautiful, seasonal spring colors have just been released in the Sport Band, Woven Nylon, Classic Buckle, and Hermés styles. Let’s take a closer look at all 19 of the new Apple Watch Bands.

There are two new Sport Band colors. Camellia is a muted coral shade while Pebble is a gray taupe. While there are not new Nike+ bands, now you can finally purchase them separately, without the Apple Watch.

Camellia Sport Band

Pebble Sport Band

The Woven Nylon line has gotten the most dramatic overhaul, with six new colors and patterns. Orange is orange striped with two shades of blue. Berry has three stripes of different berry pink shades. Red doesn’t appear to be red at all; rather it looks like bright coral, gray, and yellow stripes. Pollen is yellow striped with blue and green. Tahoe has three stripes in varying shades of blue. Midnight Blue isn’t striped, rather, it’s a navy blue band in the style of the original Woven Nylon bands.

Berry Woven Nylon

Midnight Woven Nylon

Orange Woven Nylon

Pollen Woven Nylon

Red Woven Nylon

Tahoe Woven Nylon

The entire Classic Buckle line has been revamped, even though not all of the new bands are in new colors. The current lineup includes Saddle Brown, Berry, Taupe, Sapphire, Red, Midnight Blue, and Black. The colors are true to their names.

Berry Classic Buckle

Black Classic Buckle

Midnight Blue Classic Buckle

Red Classic Buckle

Saddle Brown Classic Buckle

Sapphire Classic Buckle

Taupe Classic Buckle

The Hermés line has four new colors. You can get both the Double Tour and Single Tour styles in the new Fauve Berenia, a brown shade. Bleu Zéphyr is a new light turquoise shade for the Double Tour band. The Single Tour band also sports new shades Lime Epsom, a chartreuse green-yellow, and Colvert Swift, a pine green.

Colvert Swift Hermés Single Tour

Bleu Zéphyr Hermés Double Tour

Fauve Barenia Hermés Double Tour

Fauve Barenia Hermés Single Tour

Lime Epsom Hermés Single Tour

These new Apple Watch bands are just gorgeous with their cheerful new shades for spring. You can purchase any of these offerings on Apple’s Website now.