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Minube Helps You Discover Points Of Interest Near You

Minube Helps You Discover Points Of Interest Near You

March 16, 2017

Minube is a free travel app that can help you discover attractions, restaurants, and hotels around you right from your Apple Watch. There are several additional features on the iPhone, including easy creation of personalized travel guides and travel photo albums you can save and share. You’ll find a social network you can join and plenteous inspiration for where in the world to visit. There is also an interactive iMessage sticker feature that lets you plan a trip or excursion with someone. This review will focus on the Apple Watch features.

There is not a complication, but you can place Minube in the Dock for easy access. When you first open the app, you can set your search perimeter. Once you’ve done that, tap Search. You’ll be taken to a screen where a scroll of the Digital Crown gives you three options: Attractions, Restaurants, or Hotel. Tap the one you want, and you’ll be taken to a list of all the local places in that category within your search perimeter. When you see an place of interest to you, tap it for more information. There you’ll see Reviews and Map. I noticed that some of the items have a review only by Minube itself, which is fine because it offers some information about the place. Other places have reviews written by Minube users. If you tap Map, you’ll be taken to the native Maps app for directions there.


I found this app to be a bit draggy on the Apple Watch, but I am still using a first generation Apple Watch. Still, I think it’s a worthwhile download if you plan to do some traveling, you’re taking a day trip, or you just want to more fully explore your own little corner of the world.

Minube is free on the App Store.