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Vekt - Track Your Weight Fast & Simple on the Apple Watch

Vekt - Track Your Weight Fast & Simple on the Apple Watch

February 13, 2017

Vekt – Track Your Weight Fast & Simple is an app that does just what it says in its full name. On your Apple Watch, you can see your current weight with a single tap. You can also spin the digital crown to set your current weight if you don’t have smart scale to do it automatically.

You’ll need to set up Vekt initially on your iPhone, and allow it access your native Health app settings. If you do have a smart scale, your weight will already be loaded into your Health app, and there is nothing for you to do beyond the setup. If you don’t have a smart scale, Vekt offers a quicker way to manually change your weight when you weigh yourself on a regular scale.


Vekt has a complication, though it acts only as a shortcut and does not display your weight on your Apple Watch face. In the photo above, you can see the complication in the bottom center spot. You could place Vekt in your Dock instead if that’s your preference. Either way, you get quick access to the app. When you open it, you’ll see your last recorded weight. If you want to update your weight, spin the digital crown up or down and tap “Save Weight.” Within the iPhone app, you can set a goal weight if you wish. If you do, then whenever you move closer to your goal, you’ll get a celebratory emoji.

I like that Vekt syncs with your native Health app. If you do have a smart scale, you don’t need to enter your weight at all, and this is just a quick way to see what you currently weigh. But you don’t need to have a smart scale. Vekt allows you to update your weight easily with a tap, a spin, and a tap every time you weigh yourself with your regular scale.

Vekt – Track Your Weight Fast & Simple is $0.99 on the App Store.