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Outpost Defender is an Arcade Style Game for Apple Watch

Outpost Defender is an Arcade Style Game for Apple Watch

February 7, 2017

Reminiscent of 80s video game Asteroids, Outpost Defender offers four simple arcade games played exclusively on the Apple Watch. There are four mini games you can play: Invasion!, Asteroids!, Black Hole!, and Canyon Run! For each game, you use the Digital Crown as the game controller.

outpost defender

Invasion! is a game where you are fighting off the enemy invaders. Your plane fires its weapon in a steady stream. You use the Digital Crown to move your jet up and down, putting yourself in front of the enemy in time to destroy it before it hits you and causes you to explode.

Asteroids! sets you in the center of the screen, with asteroids coming at you from all angles. Again, your plane is constantly firing. Turning the Digital Crown up and down spins your plane counterclockwise and clockwise. Aim at the asteroids to destroy them before they hit you and cause you to explode.

Black Hole! has your jet being sucked into a black hole. Turning the Digital Crown moves you around the perimeter of the screen, so you can avoid the green blocks in your path. Don’t hit one, or you’ll explode.

Canyon Run! is more like an endless runner. Your blue jet is flying through a canyon, and you have to be careful not to hit the canyon walls or you’ll explode. Moving the Digital Crown up and down moves your jet up and down accordingly.

Overall, I found Outpost Defender frustrating, and sometimes my jet exploded before I even had a chance to move. I do realize that a lot of people enjoy the challenge of frustrating games, judging by the explosive popularity of Flappy Bird. If you’re one of those people, then Outpost Defender will be worth your dollar. The graphics are pretty impressive for such a small screen, at least the jets themselves and the explosions. Outpost Defender is $0.99 on the App Store.