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Littlebook is the Facebook Apple Watch App You'll Want

December 20, 2016

While the full Facebook experience is unlikely to be ported to the Apple Watch, Littlebook has come up with a good app for quick checks of the addictive social media site. If you’re like me, you check Facebook pretty frequently. The official Facebook app gets a lot of use on my iPhone and my iPad, but there is no official Facebook Apple Watch app. But there are times when you just want to take a quick look at your feed, post something on your mind, or stay on top of your notifications. When you want a bite-sized Facebook experience, Littlebook is the Facebook Apple Watch app to check out. There is a complication for Littlebook, but it offers limited information, either the number of notifications or part of one notification. You can also put Littlebook in the Dock to access it quickly. When you open the app, you’ll be brought to a menu. There you have three options: check your newsfeed, write a post, or check your notifications. When you check your newsfeed, you will have the option to “like” each post by tapping the thumbs up. Facebook’s newer reactions are not available in Littlebook at this time. If you choose to write a post with Littlebook, you can either dictate it, choose an emoji, or use Scribble to write it out. When you check your notifications, you can see for example that a certain number of people “liked” a post, but only the first couple of names are shown. You also can’t see which post they liked. Facebook Apple Watch app You’re not going to spend hours on any Facebook Apple Watch app, no matter how great it is, because the Apple Watch’s tiny screen just isn’t the ideal place to go down a rabbit hole like Facebook. But if you just need to see your notifications, check your news feed, or even post something, Littlebook gets the job done. Be sure to read the full description on the App Store before purchasing so you know exactly which features the app does and doesn’t have. Note that you will need to use Littlebook on the iPhone to get it connected to your Facebook account, and that includes entering your password. Littlebook is $2.99 on the App Store.