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LABB Apple Watch Band Is Not Like Other Bands

LABB Apple Watch Band Is Not Like Other Bands

November 30, 2016

I believe that innovation is important in the Apple Watch band market. Apple’s done a great job innovating in this area, as we’d expect. But why should innovation be limited to Apple? The vast majority of third-party Apple Watch bands are simply knock-offs of Apple’s designs. So when someone comes up with a band┬áthat is not a copy, I think it deserves some press coverage.

Swiss company NOOMOON is currently running a Kickstarter campaign to fund its LABB Apple Watch Band. This linkless and buckleless band isn’t like anything I’ve seen on the Apple Watch band market. It reminds me a bit of velcro.

NOOMOON uses a material called FKM which they claim is better than silicone. They also claim their fastener is totally secure. The band is supposed to be soft, supple, waterproof, odorless, scratch resistant, and skin friendly. The open weave certainly looks more breathable than solid silicone or fluoroelastomer bands. I’d love to get my hands on a LABB band to see this for myself.

The LABB Apple Watch Band is over 200% funded already, with two weeks still to go in the campaign. The earliest bird specials are no longer available, but you can still get in on some of the early bird deals, such as a 26 percent discount off of the retail price of $77 for one band, or 32 percent off of two. The LABB bands are being offered initially only in the 42mm size, but if demand is high enough they plan to add the 38mm. The band comes in black, red, army green, white, and blue. There are two adapter colors, silver and space gray. Shipping is expected in March 2017. Consumers be aware, as always with any crowdfunding campaign, there are no guarantees of receiving a product at all. The fact that they have so far exceeded their goal does bode well for the LABB band making it to market. Check out their Kickstarter page to learn more and support this project.

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