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Hooks is the Ultimate Notification App for Apple Watch

Hooks is the Ultimate Notification App for Apple Watch

May 23, 2016

Hooks just might be that app that makes the Apple Watch worthwhile to you. Once you do some setup on the iPhone, Hooks sends┬ánotifications to the Apple Watch. Big deal, you’ve already got notifications coming to your wrist from Messages, Mail, and various other native and non-native apps, so you never miss a text or other important message, right? But what about everything else? When your favorite TV show is on, or a movie coming out starring your favorite action star? How about how your sports team did in the latest game, or your horoscope? Would you like to get breaking news, your brand or other key word mentioned on Twitter, pollen count, shipment tracking, stocks, concerts, lottery results, weather, public transportation delays, an album from your favorite artist dropping, new video game releases, a new post on your favorite subreddit, social media alerts of all kinds, and just about anything else you could think of all in one app?

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Then you need to check out Hooks. Take some time on your iPhone to get all of the notifications that matter to set up in Hooks. You can read more about the setup process in the review on our sister site, AppAdvice. Then just sit back and let all of the alerts come to your wrist in real time.

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Hooks could easily replace a myriad of other apps on your Apple Watch. If something matters to you, Hooks will alert you when it happens. Hooks is free on the App Store.