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Pin important text to your Watchface with Complicate It

Pin important text to your Watchface with Complicate It

January 21, 2016

We all keep scraps of paper in our pocket with important information scrawled on it, at least from time to time. PIN numbers, names, addresses: we’ve all done it. Complicate It is a smart Watch app I’ve just started using which aims to solve this annoying habit.

With Complicate It, Apple Watch wearers can pin text onto their Watch face. The app makes this possible through adding a complication that can be customized from inside of an iPhone app. Of course, this text is only revealed when the Apple Watch’s display is activated, either with a tap or a turn of the wrist, meaning it remains (relatively) secure at all times. When your smart watch is removed from your wrist, the display indeed PIN locks, meaning your note won’t be accessible.

There are three complications offered by the app: Modular Large, Utilitarian Large, and Utilitarian Small. You can squeeze a decent amount of text into the former, though of course, smaller complications do limit the amount you can fit onto your Watch’s display.


Usefully, you can schedule text to appear as part of a Complicate It complication: multiple ones can be configured to appear in the coming days. It’s also possible to set a countdown complication in the app, and this can count users down to an event up to seven days in the future. Mind you, both will set you back a $0.99 IAP. Complicate It itself is a free download, however.


I’ve been using Complicate It to pin reminders on my Watch face, though there are smarter ways of achieving this (we’ll discuss this in more depth soon). For now, it suits those times when you need to remember names, ZIP codes, or PIN numbers.

Though of course, it might be a bad idea to pin anything too sensitive onto your Apple Watch’s display. Because you never know who might be looking over your shoulder.