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TruLink Connects Hearing Aid Wirelessly to Apple Watch

TruLink Connects Hearing Aid Wirelessly to Apple Watch

December 28, 2015

Starkey Hearing Technologies today has announced that their TruLink wireless application will now connect their American-made hearing aids to the Apple Watch. While the company has had apps for both Android and iOS, this marks the first time that such an app has been brought to the wrist.

The Apple Watch connectivity will share many of the same features and functions available to the iPhone. Any calls coming in will hit the Watch, and then notify users with the hearing aid.

What cool feature is the ability for users to use a quick touch feature which allows wearers to quickly cut down on background noises right from their wrist. If the space is too quite or too noisy, the user can quickly adjust sound levels to be louder, softer or to have more bass or tremble.

The app will also automatically connect and activate settings based on your location when GPS is enabled on your phone. For example, if a user were to enter a the subway where the sounds may be a little unpleasant, the app will automatically remember and switch over to the settings that the user may have set at one point. Of course, they can also be adjusted and remembered.

Finally, if the hearing aid is lost, a time stamp is created and saved by the app. While searching, the last known location can be pulled up, showing where the hearing aid may have been last activated.