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Glance: World's First Apple Watch Conference Underway

Glance: World's First Apple Watch Conference Underway

December 10, 2015

With the new smartwatch industry picking up steam on the heels of Apple Watch, it makes sense that, sooner or later, a dedicated conference for the device would pop up.

Well, it has.

It’s called Glance, and it’s going on in San Francisco, CA, right now. Better yet, our guy Abdel is on the scene, hobnobbing it up with Apple news bigwigs like Horace Dediu, Ben Bajarin, Jim Dalrymple, Philip Elmer-DeWitt, and others. Each will be speaking on a certain area of interest re: the wearable, focusing on Glance’s overarching question:

What can we learn about markets, ecosystems, and opportunities that surround the Apple Watch?

The speaker list and presentation times are listed at the source, and you can follow Abdel’s coverage developments live via the WatchAware Twitter account.