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Fantastical Brings watchOS 2 Complications To Apple Watch

Fantastical Brings watchOS 2 Complications To Apple Watch

October 7, 2015

Today, Fantastical updated its app with support for iPad multitasking along with a new watchOS 2 complications. Of course, since we mostly cover Watch news here, we’ll be focusing on the update to the Apple Watch.

Fantastical’s complication is available in either a large widget in the middle of the Modular Watch face, a small ticker on the Utility face, or as a counter showing the total amount of items due. Of course, the one that displays the most information is the one the rests in the Modular face, which shows events and reminders alongside colored indicators and due times. What’s cool about these complications is that you can tap them and be taken to the exact section in the app where it sits.

Another plus to today’s update is the fact that it takes advantage of watchOS 2’s ability to run apps natively on the Watch. This results in speedier performance when jumping to events and such. The app also takes advantage of Time Travel, letting you spin the Digital Crown to see what events you may have in the future.

There’s more too! Today’s update also lets you quickly look at events and reminders in Glances, giving you another area to quickly see things like lists with just a simple swipe.

Given today’s update, we can’t recommend Fantastical enough. Seriously, this is so much better than what Apple shipped. If you’re looking for a good calendar app with built-in reminders, Glances, and great Complications, this app is for you.