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Geek Watch App Demonstrates Need For Third-Party Faces

Geek Watch App Demonstrates Need For Third-Party Faces

May 22, 2015

Making the rounds today is this lighthearted, fit-for-a-Friday TechCrunch post about Geek Watch for Apple Watch. The app, as outlined by post author Greg Kumparak, is a kitschy, nerdy throwback to Casio’s old-school wrist-calculator days:

I mean, sure — you could buy a calculator watch on Amazon for like 15 bucks. But where’s the meta/hipster/ironic/kinda-obnoxious humor in that?

They swap out the “Casio” brand for “Geekio” for obvious (read: legal) reasons, but the inspiration is clear.

One catch: since Apple hasn’t enabled custom watch faces yet, it’s not able to take over the entire screen, and you’ll still have some borders/margins/text around the edges.

That last bit isn’t so much a catch as it is a complete and utter deal-breaker, because instead of having anything remotely resembling a superimposed calculator watch experience, you basically have a small picture of a calculator watch on your Apple Watch display. I’m not sure that’s quite the “meta” Kumparak had in mind.

Seriously, it looks like garbage, and I’d not give a dollar for something like this.

But once Apple lets third parties make proper Faces for Apple Watch, I’d probably throw down three for it.