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The "Hacker Proof" Apple Watch

The "Hacker Proof" Apple Watch

May 14, 2015

Antonio Villas-Boas, Business Insider:

Honest, upstanding citizens like you probably see the Apple Watch as a beautiful hybrid of jewelry and technology. But like anything that’s shiny, expensive, and contains sensitive information like your credit card details, the Apple Watch is prone to being targeted by miscreants.

But a few obstacles stop thieves and hackers from getting to your sensitive data pretty effectively. And as it turns out, the Apple Watch is essentially hacker proof.

Two things:

One, nothing is “essentially hacker proof.” Nothing.

Two, even if Apple Watch were, it would scarcely be a silver lining to the situation that logically precedes that great utility, namely your being robbed of the device via the threat — or actual application — of physical harm. It’s easy to change out your debit card or cancel your credit card or suspend Apple Pay. It’s a lot harder to come back from a concussion, a knife wound, a crowbar across the spine, or worse.

If you’re more worried about your insured bank account than you are your physical well-being or the safety of your family, this bit of news might be a positive boon. Otherwise, you should be a whole heck of a lot more concerned that Cupertino’s gone and made their wearable such a compelling target for theft in the first place.

Apple will undoubtedly fix the above-linked oversight in short order. But if you live in a high crime area and are thoroughly unsettled by the prospect of being forcibly separated from your Apple Watch, you only have a couple of actual options: Either you hold off on wearing the thing in public until the next version of Watch OS hits the wire (when it still won’t be theft-proof, because nothing ever is), or you make yourself theft-proof.

Then your Apple Watch doesn’t have to be.