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How Apple Watch Measured My Vitals During A Car Crash

May 6, 2015

Arron Hirst:

It wouldn’t be until Sunday morning, though, that a strange (but logical) thought would cross my mind.

Apple Watch had been on my wrist this whole time … Even while I was being checked out in the ambulance. I wonder what could it tell me about the horrific events of the past several hours, that could be insightful or helpful?

My first port of call was the iOS 8 Health app.

Knowing that I’d had the Apple Watch’s heart rate sensor activated since I first received the wearable – on April 24, I decided to glance back at the last several hours of heartbeat readings, to see if looking at them would indicate I had been in an accident less than 18 hours prior.

Unequivocally, they did.