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Apple Watch 101: Basic Navigation

Apple Watch 101: Basic Navigation

April 24, 2015

Soon enough, we’ll all be swiping and clicking and force touching our way to entirely new levels of distraction and information overload, but for now, these gestures are still new and unfamiliar. Thanks to iMore for this detailed demo, which will get you started. Now let’s get those fingers out and start practicing!

Digital crown

One click
  • When it’s off, turns the Watch on
  • When it’s on, cycles between the Watch face and home screen
  • On the home screen (not centered), centers the home screen
Two clicks
  • Cycles between Watch face and last used app
Three clicks
  • Toggles accessibility
  • On home screen, zooms into apps
  • On lists, scrolls
Click & hold
  • Activates Siri

Side button

One click
  • View your favorite contacts
Two clicks
  • Activates Apple Pay
Click & hold
  • Displays Power Off, Power Reserve, and Lock Device controls
Hold while pressing
Digital Crown
  • Take a screen capture of the Watch


  • On home screen, move around apps
  • Select
Force tap
  • Display additional information (contextual menus)