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Concept Shows Digital Crown For iPhone

April 21, 2015

Eric Mack, CNET:

The iPhone concept from designer Antonio De Rosa…imagines a fully upgraded iPhone 7 that incorporates the dial from the Apple Watch, relocating Touch ID and the home button to the front of the dial. …

It remains to be seen if the digital crown will compel or confuse Apple Watch owners as a new means of user input. And if it is a hit, would it make sense for Apple to bring it over to the iPhone?

The Digital Crown is already uncompelling, and it exists primarily as a design cue to speak to the traditional wristwatch experience. Zooming and scrolling on the Apple Watch’s tiny display is little more than a halfway useful afterthought, and that functionality is mostly there simply because Apple wouldn’t dare put a dummy crown on the device.

Frankly, I don’t think the thing ought to have a crown at all.

And, of course, the idea of a Digital Crown for iPhone is completely absurd.