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Auto Sleep Tracker for Watch

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Auto Sleep Tracker for Watch

Sleep better tonight using the Auto Sleep Tracker on Watch, your #1 companion for good sleep.

By automatically syncing to your Apple Watch, Watch Sleep Tracker provides detailed analysis of your sleep quality and cycles by monitoring your Heart Rate throughout the night. Using this data and your input, it can program an alarm clock to wake you up at the optimal time, giving you the ability to wake up feeling refreshed every day. Check your progress and improve your Sleep Score using our detailed Sleep Analysis Dashboard, using metrics related to good sleep from Apple Health.

Your privacy matters to us. Watch Sleep Tracker has no analytics tracking, no third-party code, and no data upload. We do not misuse your data. All information uploaded by our users is processed for the purpose of our Services. No data collected is sold to third parties or used in any capacity other than for the purpose of our products and mobile applications.

Our historical analysis enables you to see trends in your sleep and helps you identify patterns that prevent restful nights. Trouble falling asleep? Use soothing sleep sounds to rest your mind and drift into dreams easier. For the best results and accuracy, Watch Sleep Tracker integrates with the Apple Health app.

- Automatic sleep tracking through Apple Watch, using advanced algorithm and Apple Health metrics.
- Detailed analysis using the latest findings in the Science of Sleep.
- User-friendly charts & graphs show you your different stages of sleep.
- Sleep Score: can you improve yours?

- Smart Alarm wakes you up at the optimal time. Sleep Sounds help you fall asleep faster.
- Personalized recommendations to improve sleep and bed times.
- View your sleep history with overviews per night, week, month, and all-time.

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