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Latest News

Samsung's Gear S2 iOS Beta Program Begins

Starting today, Samsung is launching an all-new beta test program for the Gear iOS app, suggesting that the release of the official app could be sometime in September.

Nike May Have Just Confirmed The Apple Watch 2 GPS Feature

Today, Nike has announced that it's rebranding its Nike+ Running app to Nike+ Run Club, and if you look closely to the changelog, one bullet point stands out quite a bit.

Oittm 2-in-1 Apple Watch Car Charger Charges Both Watch and iPhone

This one third-party Apple Watch Car Charger will charge both your watch and your iPhone at the same time.

Best Buy Offering up to $200 off the Apple Watch Now

If you want a first generation Apple Watch, you can get a great deal at Best Buy now with $50 to $200 off of each model.

Dapper Leather Apple Watch Bands Add Elegance

Dapper Leather Apple Watch Bands from Clockwork Synergy give your watch a classy, formal look without breaking the bank.

Apple Wanted To Put Cellular Chip in Next-Generation Apple Watch, But Has Hit Roadblocks

Apple had aims of making the next-generation Apple Watch fully iPhone dependant but has hit some roadblocks, according to Bloomberg.

Pedometer App StepCard Offers a Terrific Complication for Apple Watch

I'm always on the hunt for a pedometer app that has a good, reliable, and readable complication for the Apple Watch.

Third Time's The Charm

I continue to hear more and more people talk about how much they love watchOS 3 and how it makes the Apple Watch such a better product.

Flag-Themed Olympic Apple Watch Bands Gifted to Verified Olympic Athletes

Athletes get free Olympic Apple Watch bands, but there are some options for the rest of us.

"What I Learned Working With Jony Ive's Team On The Apple Watch"

Bob Messerschmidt sold his company to Steve Jobs and went to work building the Apple Watch in 2010. He saw a lot during his three years at Apple.

Shmuzer Lets You Schmooze Like a Pro

Get in the conversation with Shmuzer.

Apple Invents Apple Watch Band with Embedded Haptics

Today, the USPTO (U.S. Patent and Trademark Office) published a new patent from Apple showing the possibility of future Apple Watch bands having the ability to send haptic feedback.

This PRIDE Rainbow Apple Watch Band Beautifully Resembles Apple's

If you didn't get Apple's limited edition rainbow Apple Watch band, take a look at Clockwork Synergy's version.

Casetify Releases Olympics Apple Watch Band Collection

If you can't get to Rio for your Olympics Apple Watch Band, you can still show your spirit with one of these bands.

Apple Watch 2 With GPS, Barometer, Larger Battery, and Same Thickness Due This Fall

KGI Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo issued a note to investors today predicting many of the features he expects to see in the second-generation Apple Watch.

Fantastic Milanese Loop Style Band from Oittm is a Bargain

One of the best Milanese Loop knock-offs I've tried is just a fraction of the price of Apple's band.

Rumor: Faster, Cheaper First-Gen Apple Watch to Launch Alongside Apple Watch 2 Later This Year

The often reliable KGI Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo today claimed that the first-generation Apple Watch will receive a faster TMSC-processor, superior waterproofing, and a price cut later this year.

Google To Shut Down Its Answer To Apple's Digital Touch

Google plans to shut down its "Together" watch face feature, its answer to Apple's Digital Touch, according to Android Police.

Will a Future iPad and iPhone Have a Digital Crown Like the Apple Watch?

Apple's recent patent application reveals that Apple's design team is considering expanding the Digital Crown to other iOS devices.

Show Your Pride with a Rainbow Band from Clockwork Synergy

Have you been wanting a rainbow band like the ones Apple gave out to employees for the Pride festival?

Sunny Shapes is a Match 3 Game on the Apple Watch

Match 3 games are usually too complex to play on the Apple Watch, but this one can be played entirely on your wrist.

Samsung Used Apple Watch Designs in a Recent Patent Filing

These are not Apple patents. These are patents filed by Samsung.

This Apple Watch Case Changes the Color and Protects Your Watch

If you're looking for damage protection and a different look, check out this Apple Watch Case.