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Latest News

The MoKo Milanese Loop is a Great Discount Alternative to Apple's

If you're looking for a cool band with lots of color options, the MoKo Milanese Loop is a good buy.

Swiss Watch Exports Declined 11% Last Month

Swiss Watch exports have experienced a second straight month of double-digit decline as the industry slowdown has widened.

Pebble 2 is Pebble's Sporty Smartwatch with A Built-in Heart Rate Sensor

Five years after introducing the first Pebble smartwatch, Pebble have officially unveiled its successor, dubbed the Pebble 2.

XE Currency is the Only Currency Converter App You Need on Your Apple Watch

This feature-filled currency converter app has you covered, even when you don't have service.

Hooks is the Ultimate Notification App for Apple Watch

Hooks might be the killer Apple Watch app you're looking for, with notification about almost anything coming to your wrist. is a Handy App for Apple Watch

It's a dictionary for your wrist.

You'll Soon Be Able To Add Custom Watch Faces To Your Apple Watch via a Jailbreak

The hope that watchOS 3 will allow custom Apple Watch faces isn't stopping jailbreakers from adding this features sooner than later.

Clicker is the Ultimate Counter for Your Apple Watch

If you need a tally counter on your Apple Watch, look no further

Android Wear 2.0

At the Google I/O keynote this week, Google unveiled Android Wear 2.0, the company's biggest update yet.

Apple Watch and Diabetes

Tim Bajarin has a fantastic piece over at Techpinions on his experience using the Apple Watch with the Dexecom 5 diabetes monitor.

Fitbit is buying Coin so it can be more like the Apple Watch

Fitbit has announced today that it is acquiring Coin, the maker of the smart credit card that allows you to combine multiple credit cards digitally into a single device.

Smanos Bring Home Security App to Apple Watch

Dutch smart home firm, Smanos, is aiming to bring a killer feature to the Apple Watch: Security.

Track Your Health From Your Apple Watch With Qardio Accessories

Qardio's accompanying app lets you use these Bluetooth-enabled devices from your wrist.

Apple Watch Sales Top Smartwatch in Q1, But Trail Wearables Such as Fitbit

Apple Watch sales are estimated to be around 1.5 million units, making it the top selling smartwatch, but still lags behind basic wearables from companies such a Fitbit according to the latest data.

Exercise Your Brain with Peak Brain Training

If you have a minute, you can get some brain training into your busy day.

John Sculley Suggests Ways Apple Can Improve the Apple Watch

Former Apple CEO, John Sculley, famously known for pushing out Steve Jobs from Apple, thinks Apple can improve the Apple Watch.

Grab a Budget Apple Watch Link Bracelet Knock-Off From OULUOQI

OULUOQI offers a lower-cost version of the Apple Watch Link Bracelet in silver or black.

OULUOQI Offers a Worthwhile Bargain Leather Loop Knock-Off

You can pick up a suitable Leather Loop style band for less than $30.

Apple's $50 Price Cut of the Apple Watch Helped Increase Sales By 250%

According to research firm Slice Intelligence Apple's decision to cut the starting price of the Apple Watch from $349 to $299 has seen quite a bit of success.

"The Real Reason Apple Made the Apple Watch"

Tim Bajarin, a long time Apple insider, says that the root of the Apple Watch started because of Steve Jobs' health.

This Collection of Apple Watch Bands Probably Puts Yours to Shame

Collecting Apple Watch bands is a passion for some people.

7 Awesome Apple Watch Complications You Should Try

Apple Watch complications are a great way to view constantly updating information on a number of different Apple Watch faces.

These Viljo Marrandi Apple Watch Cases Are Amazing

A while back we posted images of these custom engraved Apple Watch cases by Viljo Marrandi.