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Watch Remote Universal Control

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Watch Remote Universal Control

Control your Smart TV using only your Apple Watch - easy to use, intuitive control, with setup in just a few taps.

Watch Remote helps you remote control your Smart TV or Streaming device from the comfort of your Apple Watch, with fully integrated controls that allow you to send all commands available directly with a tap of your wrist.

+ Intuitive virtual remote on Apple Watch.
+ Voice input and search options.
+ Quick access to your favorite apps and channels.
+ Backup Remote on iPhone.

To use Watch Remote, the list of available devices first needs to be synced from your iPhone to your Watch. Please follow these steps:
1. Make sure the app is open on both iPhone and Watch.
2. From the iOS main screen, tap “Manage Devices”. This step will scan the list of your devices connected to the same network.
3. From the list generated, tap to any TV/device in order to add it to your Watch. This will add it to the list of devices synced to your Watch.
4. From the Watch, choose the device you wish to control. The remote control screen then becomes available.

Please note that if your iOS device and Watch are not paired, the Watch will connect to your WiFi independently - which limits connection to new devices. When first connecting, please make sure that both devices are paired and that your iPhone is connected to the same WiFi network as the TV and/or streaming device you wish to remote control. Once the TV or streaming device has been synced to your Watch, you can skip this step.

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