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LeBron James Gave All His Teammates Apple Watches

LeBron James Gave All His Teammates Apple Watches

June 8, 2015

Chris Haynes,

“‘Bron is the best teammate you can ask for, because on the court he’s going to give you everything and off the court he’s always going to be considerate and do whatever he can to show his gratitude,” James Jones said.

But before they went their separate ways that night of the meeting, James had another surprise. He gave them all brand new Apple watches.

It was another way of displaying his appreciation for his guys.

There you have it. Just become a pro basketball player and have Lebron James as your teammate and you’ll get yourself a free Apple Watch!

All joking aside, I find it interesting that he would gift them Apple Watch’s when he is famously known for being a Samsung spokesmen. Has he switched to an iPhone? Do most of his teammates use iPhone’s? He was a small shareholder in Beats before it was sold to Apple so this could be an Apple move to help promote to Watch to pro athletes. Either way, pretty cool.