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Tempo Home Fitness

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Tempo Home Fitness

Featured in PC Mag, CNN, WSJ, and Gizmodo, Tempo ( is a personalized fitness membership that includes personal coaching from a real-life certified trainer, 2,000+ guided workouts, real-time form feedback, and a smart home gym.

Tempo offers a premium at-home workout experience for half the cost with no contracts or long-term commitments. Members can either purchase the award-winning Tempo Move or Tempo Studio home gym or join the all-new Tempo membership, which includes access to the Tempo Move for the duration of membership.

Powered by 3D Tempo Vision, the Tempo Move offers real-time form feedback through your iPhone camera and streams classes to your TV through the Core, a portable iPhone dock. The Tempo Move is made to fit anywhere and hides up to 75lbs and two dumbbells in plain sight.

With the Tempo mobile app, all members can access instructor-led guided workouts, personalized plans, and unlimited guidance and messaging with a real-life personal coach.

Tempo learns about your fitness goals and customizes your workout experience based on your progress and preferences to help you realize your strength and be ready for life.

Get fitness designed for you with:

Members subscribed to One-on-One Fitness Coaching can use the app to connect with their real-life certified trainer and to access their personalized workout plan. With a coach, you create a plan that fits your current routine, check-in, and make adjustments based on your needs and your Tempo workout data to stay on track.

Tempo class coaches and AI-powered sensors guide you through each workout so you can exercise safely and efficiently. Instant form feedback, weight recommendations, rep counting, and more keeps you moving towards your goals.

Live or on-demand, find workouts for strength training, HIIT, pilates, yoga, and more that meet you where you are and get you where you want to go.

Tempo automatically tracks your performance and tells you when it’s time to step it up or ease it back, so you keep moving forward.

Tempo breaks down your fitness goals into weekly targets to encourage steady progress, week over week.

With the Tempo Apple Watch app, you can track your heart rate, pause workouts, and close your Rings.

All memberships are month-to-month, with no-long term contracts. Members can cancel anytime and trial any membership for risk free for 30 days

This application integrates with the Health app.

*included in the new all-access Tempo membership. Available for an additional monthly fee for members who own their Tempo Move or Studio.
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