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SwiftCall is the way call time was meant to be. Auto-dial intelligently sorted call lists, quickly take follow-up actions without leaving the app, and review achievements and detailed call logs from your sales Dashboard. Call leads with all their information at your finger tips and without having to scan your eyes between multiple screens. Perhaps you've been calling over 25, 50, or even 100 leads per day. SwiftCall will make every single one of these calls more efficient than they were before. And do so without a subscription, because the whole experience is ready upon download.

Manage your lead pipeline intelligently from first contact through close. Create leads and then the app will do the work of sorting them into call lists. The app tracks progress with each lead so it can help you prioritize the leads that are more promising and save you vital time. No need to restart your data entry for leads either: you can import a CSV with hundreds or even thousands of leads within seconds.

Follow-Up Actions:
Call time doesn’t just stop with the call. You want to stay fresh in the mind of your lead so they know that you valued their time. That’s why SwiftCall helps you quickly send off follow-up emails from the app, and will even help you schedule your next call with them and receive notifications on your phone as well as your Apple Watch.

Analytics & Achievements:
If you can't measure, you can't manage. That's why SwiftCall keeps track of your progress with a Dashboard of analytics. It breaks them down into calls, deals, and revenue per day so you know how you are performing. It’s like a fitness tracker for your business growth. You can also see all of your call logs and achievements you have earned so you can see your long-term performance.

Maybe you are a dreamer starting your own company, or a small team with big dreams. Maybe you are a fundraiser at a non profit. Maybe you just work at a company that's a little old school. Regardless of where you come from, we are here to help. That's why everything is included upon download. There are no subscriptions or in-app purchases (we refuse to have them). Plus you get an Apple Watch app for when you want to use SwiftCall on the go. Download today so you can simplify your whole sales process and grow your business.

Included Features
•Create unlimited leads and the app will intelligently sort them so you can close deals more quickly and waste less time on bad leads
•Import leads from a CSV or your contacts so you don't have to restart your data entry
•Call pre-sorted call lists for an effective call time in a call center that truly motivates you with goal tracking
•Finish a call and want to send off a quick email or schedule a call? Do that from SwiftCall without ever leaving the app
•Review a dashboard with rich analytics detailing your weekly call sessions as well as lifetime session summaries
•See reports and call logs detailing your daily progress on calls made, deals closed, and revenue earned
•Schedule future calls and receive reminders on your Calendar app, regular push notifications, as well as Apple Watch push notifications
•Look at your leads and make calls from our Apple Watch app

Potential Uses
•Jumpstart the growth of your startup so you can build the next big thing
•Set a goal of making 50 calls in a day, and then actually do it with the app motivating you all the way through to the end
•Upgrade the effectiveness of your salesforce so they - as well your bottom line - can be more happy
•Streamline your fundraising calls for your political campaign so you can spend less time on the phones and more doing important work
•Make your non-profit a lean mean fundraising machine (and clean up all the stray sticky notes and computer docs along the way)
•Give your employees some incentives and rewards by creating a weekly competition to see who makes the most calls or close the most deals on the app
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