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Slime2!! VR

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Slime2!! VR

Notice: While playing the game, please be aware of your safety and health. Your surroundings too. Do not enter off-limits area.

It's new version of slime growing app includes VR/Location features. There's camera overlay feature, so you can take photos with your slimes.
Feed, clean, and protect your own slime and grow them!!
Find big slime in your neighbors. Big slime will give you a slime egg and you can grow it too.

Features(menu/icon name):

(menu items can be accessed by swipe menu icon to the left or the right)

VR: Side by side view for VR headsets(Switch View -> VR Goggle)
Camera Overlay: Camera overlay view / Face detection(Switch View -> Camera Overlay / Selfie)
Capture Image: Camera icon
Location: location related game events(item collection), all items can be found within 1km x 1km area.
Texture Image: Camera / Photo / Built-in image for floor and slime texture(Slime Texture/Floor Texture)
Shapes/Colors: 16 shapes and 16 colors(256 types of slimes)
Bonus Items: iCloud data of "Slime!!"(previous version of this app) will be converted into bonus items(while first launch)
iCloud data migration: for switching devices(Menu -> Save data to iCloud)
Accessory items: cat/dog costumes so far.
Enable/disable slimes: To show/hide slimes(Menu -> Enable/Disable Slimes)