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Seawell:USA Marine Charts GPS

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Seawell:USA Marine Charts GPS

***Seawell marine navigation apps provide maps to make life easier and more enjoyable for sailors, fishermen, divers, boaters, and cruisers.

***Ability to Zoom and Pan: Our ZAP has a new feature for intuitive waypoint and route management. You can store and retrieve the real-time markers and favorite waypoints on water. You can zoom and pan effortlessly. Can mark or add favorite spots, dynamically without going back and forth to the chart.

***Purchase of this app includes online maps and a low detailed offline world map. Further, downloading of detailed charts is possible after purchasing through In-App map store provided in the application.

• Alabama Offline Nautical Chart
• Alaska NW Charts For Boating
• Marine Alaska SE Offline Chart
• Marine ALASKA SW Offline Chart
• Aleutian Is. Chart For Boating
• California Charts For Fishing
• Cape Cod Bay Fishing Charts
• Cape Sable to Hatteras Charts
• Boating Chesapeake Bay Charts
• Marine Connecticut GPS Charts
• Marine Delaware Nautical Chart
• Charleston to Key West Charts
• Florida Keys to Texas Charts
• Florida Offline Nautical Chart
• Gulf Coast GPS Nautical Charts
• Gulf of Mexico Fishing Charts
• Boating Hawaii Nautical Charts
• Boating Maine Nautical Charts
• Boating Maryland Offline Chart
• Massachusetts Nautical Charts
• Marine Montserrat Nautical Map
• New Jersey Charts For Sailing
• New York Nantucket Boating Map
• Marine New York Nautical Chart
• North Carolina Nautical Charts
• Oregon - Washington
• South Carolina Nautical Charts
• Marine Texas Nautical Charts
• US Great Lakes Nautical Charts
• Marine Virginia Nautical Chart


* Marker: locations can be marked and you can share easily favorite locations with friends and family.
* KMZ: To send your favorite coordinates through e-mail.
* Track: Records your path, and stores the details.
* Measure: Distance can be calculated easily.
* GPS: Location and heading on map.
*Seawell apps can be used in offline mode.
*Seawell has multiple overlays: Offline, Hybrid, Street mode, Topo
*Offline: Only offline maps will be displayed which are useful in situations where there is no Internet connectivity.
*Hybrid: Land areas are covered by satellite imagery.
*Street: Land areas are covered by open street maps.
* Topo: Land areas are covered by topographic maps
*Seawell strives to provide user-friendly apps.

*NOTE: "Continued use of GPS running in the background can decrease battery life”

“Turn off GPS when not in use”