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Pod2Watch-Watch Podcast Player

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Pod2Watch-Watch Podcast Player


Audio playback on the Apple Watch is finicky. Please apply the following advice for the best chance of success:it

1. Connect your Bluetooth headphones before starting the Pod2Watch on your Apple Watch.

2. Turn off Bluetooth on your phone to prevent the headphones from unpairing.

3. DO NOT use the play button in the "Now Playing" app.

4. Avoid removing your AirPods during playback. Auto-restart of audio can trigger a bug.

If you encounter this bug (hearing multiple podcasts at once), you can fix it by pressing pause in the "Now Playing" app and then pressing play in Pod2Watch.

Sending podcasts to your Apple Watch is slow. Plan ahead and use the auto-sync feature to avoid having to wait for transfers to complete.
Miles Hollingsworth