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Do you take lots of photos? Are these photos spread across your difference devices and social media drives? Do you have difficulty in finding 'the' photo of you with your family, friends, or your pet? This app is for you!

Featured in the App Store as one of the best new apps in 2014! PhotoTime is the first app that knows how to organize your photos. With our cutting-edge computer vision technology, it automatically tags and sorts photos from all sources, so you can effortlessly search by tags to find them, on both your phone and your Apple Watch!

Explore your photos at snapshot speed!

Feature #1: Automatic Tagging and Sorting

Our advanced algorithms powering PhotoTime quickly detect, tag, and sort features in your photos, including faces, objects, scenes, places and time.

Feature #2: Automatic Face Grouping

Our complex facial recognition technology allows PhotoTime to detect the faces in your photos, grouping and sorting them.

Feature #3: Rapid Photo Searching

With PhotoTime’s automated and customizable tags and groups, you can search by tags to find the photos. Spend time enjoying your photos, not paging through them!

Feature #4: Customizable Tags and Collections

In addition to organizing your pictures, PhotoTime gives you the power to create your own personally curated photo collections as the bookmarks, like the dynamic albums.

Feature #5 All Photo Sources, Instantly Connected

PhotoTime unifies your photo sources to help you organize your photos with no additional storage space needed. Now we include your Camera Roll, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Amazon Cloud (up to 5000 photos). More are coming!

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