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Petty helps NSW drivers find petrol nearby. It's useful for when you're in an unknown location, or when you just want to check the price of petrol at the local service station up the road.

Petty stands out by using the most accurate data, collected by the NSW government and updated in real time as stations around the state change their prices at the pump.

Petty takes a unique approach, showing you what you want to see: closest stations sorted by either distance or price, for your chosen petrol type. Petty doesn't open to a confusing map cluttered with stations you don't care about.

• Sort by price and distance
• Set preferred type of petrol
• Siri Shortcuts to enable you to find nearby stations faster on the go, from your iPhone or Apple Watch
• View the location of each station on a map
• Directions to each station through the Maps app
• Search for any station in NSW to get real-time price information
• Apple Watch app
• A clean, modern design.

The ACCC estimates drivers who time their purchases of petrol and choose to buy from the lowest priced retailer can save $10 to $15 per 60-litre tank. (, 2017) Petty can help with this, by always keeping you in the loop with up to the minute petrol prices.

A single in-app purchase unlocks "premium" mode which means Petty will remember your preferences for sorting by price/distance as well as your preferred petrol type.
Zachary Simone