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NoMo Money

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NoMo Money

Probably the simplest personal finance app ever.

Looking at how much money we have left in our bank account sucks. We say things like “Where did all my money go?”. We never know what we can really spend each day because if we're always on the go, who has the time? Wouldn’t it be great if we did zero work and see how we're doing with our money, instantly? And wouldn't it be wonderful if looking at our money was a little more friendly?

NoMo Money (No Money Mo Money) is the perfect solution, you’ll never want a day without it.

NoMo lets you answer the fundamental question that we all struggle to answer, “how much can you spend today?”.

NoMo is a minimalistic daily cashflow tracker crafted with a little bit of personality that focuses on helping you see how much you can spend today. NoMo gives you a simple daily picture of how your cashflow is doing by comparing your historic position against today’s. Let NoMo be the financial sidekick that tells you what you can or can’t spend today without the bank statements, annual goals and financial targets. So, if you’re on the go like the rest of the world, NoMo will let you know if it’s fast-food or fine-dining tonight without the financial mumbo jumbo.

With 3 personalities to choose from, NoMo is perhaps the world’s most honest budgeting app.
-Choose Friendly if you like hugs, word hugs that is.
-Choose Cheeky because life’s a little bit better when you can laugh at yourself.
-Choose Motivating if you’re still looking for that inspirational go-to-guru in your life.

If you’re worried about security, fear not, we’ve taken care of it. NoMo uses the same security and privacy practices used by your own bank. NoMo is a ‘read only’ view of your account which means no one can touch your money and that includes you.

Simply connect your bank account, select the personality you want NoMo to have and let it keep you on the right side of life. After all, it’s only 99p.

*Available for the Apple Watch.
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