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MO Investor – The New Avatar Of Your Financial Fitness Platform!

To help investors adapt with the constantly changing market scenario, it is also essential for an online trading app to upgrade itself accordingly. And so, we, at Motilal Oswal, present the enhanced and updated Version 2.0 of our signature financial fitness platform – MO Investor Stock Trading App.

Already known as one of the fastest and most dynamic investment and stock trading apps in the country, MO Investor has now been upgraded with new features, never-before-seen product offerings and a faster User Interface and User Experience that has simplified investment process like no other online trading app.

Let’s take a quick look at the latest products and features that have been added in this share market app. Let’s also find out how this updated App can help you invest, trade and also track your investments and trades seamlessly on the GO on MO Investor Stock Trading App !

Crafted Mutual Fund Portfolios: For a personalised investing experience not to be found in other mutual fund apps

Theme Based Mutual Fund Portfolios: For an even more customised investment approach as per specific themes

Invest in US Equities: Chance to invest in over 3500 US Stocks and ETFs on this stock market trading app

Model Portfolio: Chance to invest in an exclusive portfolio of only high growth stocks with this share market app

Intelligent Advisory Portfolios: Pre-packaged Equity Portfolios for investing through this Investment App

These new products alone would make MO Investor online trading app the contender for the most dynamic share market app in the market. In addition to these products, there are some new features that have been added to take this stock market trading app to the next level

EDUMO: A first-ever series of educational videos on financial markets and investments available for viewing in this share trading app

Stock SIP: Option to invest in equity stocks on a monthly basis through this stock market trading app.

Customizable Multi- Asset Watchlist: Create your pre-defined or customised Watchlist of favourite stocks on this share trading app.

Enhanced Get Quote Page: Get updates, news alerts and other relevant details for latest quotes on this share trading app

IPO Investment Through UPI: Subscribe for any upcoming IPO through UPI-enabled APPs on this stock market app.

In addition to these radical new features, there are also other advanced and intuitive add-ons like Set Price Alert, Simplified Trading Reports and many more. These would together make MO Investor a dynamic mobile trading app too.

With a unique combination of state-of-the-art products, cutting-edge features and a Simplified Investment process, it can be concluded that MO Investor is indeed one of the best share market apps India and also one of the best mutual fund apps and trading apps as well.

To avail all the advantages of the Features and Products in this stock market investment app, you need to open Demat Account with Motilal Oswal and then choose to invest and trade only through this mobile trading app in the markets.

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