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Nearby in our galaxy is a small planet. It is the home planet of an ancient civilization of cats... "Meowtopia".

Play multiplayer matches with a friend, or play single player story mode.

Use items (such as your laser helmet) to defeat the invading army of bad squids.

Squids descended from the sky one day invading cat's peaceful world.

Now is the time to help the cats!

Retrieve catnip stolen by squids. Defeat squids and stop squid's minions. Restore peace to Meowtopia.


Choose a cat and begin playing. Guiding the cat around is easy. You can use simple gestures for all cat's movements.

•Tap, swipe or hold a finger on screen to move the cat around.
•Double tap to jump around.
•Rotate with two fingers to view cat's world from new angles.
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