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After having revolutionised payments between millions of people, Lydia is now reinventing their bank account.

In a few seconds you can:
- Pay any contact with a phone number free of charge and securely.
- Request a reimbursement from a friend or share a bill.
- Collect money for all your events with money pools.

Lydia is now revolutionising your current account:
- Spend your money from Lydia via our physical cards or Internet Visa.
- Forget about unpleasant surprises abroad, your payments and withdrawals are free of charge.
- Enjoy contactless, with no limit on the amount, for all your purchases via Apple Pay.
- Track your balance, and receive instant notifications for each of your payments and bank transfers.
- Create sub-accounts to better organise your money, or shared accounts to facilitate your spending as a couple, as a roommate or as a family.

But also…
- Secure your internet payments with Internet Cards
- Connect all your bank accounts to Lydia, in order to only use one app.
- Take a personal loan easily

The decision to grant or not a credit as well as the conditions for granting it are defined by our credit partners and depend on several criteria, including income and living expenses.

Before granting any credit, the lending institution will inform the borrower of all the terms and conditions of the credit, such as the annual percentage rate of charge (APR) and the repayment terms.

The loans that can be subscribed via the Lydia application have a minimum duration of 90 days and a maximum duration of 36 months. The minimum APR is 13.90% and the maximum APR is 20.79%. In all cases, the APR cannot exceed the usury rate determined by the Banque de France.

Below is an example of a credit that can be granted:

Credit amount : € 300.00
Credit term : 90 days
APR : 20.33%
Management fees : € 8.79
Instant reception fees (optional) : € 0.30
Amount of fees paid right away : € 9.09
Amount repaid per month : € 100.00
Total cost of credit : € 309.09

The media recommend Lydia:
"Lydia is one of the 100 most promising startups in Europe." - Wired
"The application that will change our habits and make payments with a smartphone a real alternative >> - Le Parisien"
"For payment by phone, use Lydia." - Que Choisir
"I’m telling you, Lydia is the BOMB !" - BFM TV

100% secure, the Lydia app is developed in Paris by a passionate and independent team, complying with the latest banking and IT security standards. Lydia respects your privacy and the European GDPR directives.
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