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Inflation Calculator

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Inflation Calculator

The #1 Inflation Calculator, with data for 2018 and 18 international currencies!

Ever see a price from the past and wonder how much that would cost today? With Inflation Calculator, this is simple to find.

Features include:

- Calculate the value of the a dollar over time from 1800 to 2018.

- Support for 18 international currencies*:
- US Dollar
- Euro
- British Pound
- Japanese Yen
- Canadian Dollar
- Swiss Franc
- Chinese Yuan
- Swedish Krona
- Mexican Peso
- Norwegian Krone
- South Korean Won
- Turkish Lira
- Brazilian Real
- South African Rand
- Indian Rupee
- Russian Ruble
- Israeli Sheqel
- Indonesian Rupiah

- Make quick calculations on the go with a companion app for the Apple Watch.

- Simple and intuitive. No ads or distracting popups.

* Requires In-App Purchase
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