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Healthful Food Recipes

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Healthful Food Recipes

Healthful Food Recipes — Daily Advice is a great reference for those who maintain healthy lifestyle and think about what they eat. You can find recipes for dinners, main dishes for supper, desserts and more. This app is quite useful for athletes and for people who eat only healthy food. Additionally, you can find kitchen timer to check accurate time for cooking and shopping list - now you won't forget any ingredient!

Healthy food promotes good health and body condition. That's why it's so important to maintain healthy diet. All recipes are divided on several complexes: main dishes, appetizers, soups, desserts and drinks. Make your every meal full, nutritious and healthy.

Healthful Food Recipes — Daily Advice features:
- recipes for every occasion;
- original egg-shaped kitchen timer;
- convenient shopping list for each recipe.
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