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Haseba Calculator

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Haseba Calculator

While building Haseba, we focused most of our energy on the user interface. We think that the key to any great app is a beautiful, and simple design that works seamlessly with the app's features.

Key features:

• No Ads!

• History: Swipe up or down in the display area to navigate through your previous calculations.

• More Mathematical Functions: Swipe right on the keypad to access mathematical functions like (Pow, Ans).

• Save value inside one of four memory slots to use them in calculations later (tap an empty memory slot to save the shown result​ in it, tap it again to use it in a calculation, long tap it to delete the value in it)

• Themes & Icons: Swipe right on the keypad then tap 'Themes' to show a menu of 12 different themes & Icons.
Ahmad Almazeedi